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August 20, 2008


scott peters

thanks for sharing your insights. I am fairly new at looking at the social networking / web 2.0 world from a business perspective.

I have been grappling with a theme that you have laid out here. How does social networking increase the valuestream of your business?

The application platform becomes irrelevant, as long as the communication is organic and is somehow tied to that organization making money.

Question: who within an organization is tasked with driving (or at least influencing) this directional change?

Look forward to your feedback

Thanks again

Chuck Hollis

Hi Scott -- I agree with your comments.

Who's responsible? From what I've seen, the role doesn't naturally fall to any traditional organizational function, e.g. HR, IT, marketing, etc.

Companies that recognize this and appoint an ad-hoc "czar" will probably crack the code sooner than later.

At least, that's what happened in our case.

sagi chemetz

interesting as allways

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