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July 15, 2008


Joe Schueller

Chuck, I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday, but I really appreciate your perspective. Like you, I'm the E2.0 "evangelist" at a very bit/traditional company.

I'd argue that our company does have a content management system, unfortunately it is e-mail. When you say that we don't want our social software to be our default content management, I have to disagree. It would be a HUGE improvement over today and go a long way to stop the "wheel re-inventing" that plagues a lot of big companies.

Just my $0.02...

Chuck Hollis

Hi Joe

You're right -- email (or file shares) are no substitute for a thoughtful approach to content management.

Whereas it's hard to technically disagree that a social software environment would be an improvement over email in this regard, I feel that it's the sort of Hobson's choice that doesn't really address the underlying issue.

Put differently, I think it highly likely that you'll be trading one set of problems for another.

Best of luck!

Sukh Grewal

Hi Chuck:

Couldn't agree with you more!

As we talked in New Haven last week, the "demand" from our communities slowly but surely took us incrementally to building into SupportCentral* a full function document management system. (Early on we actually did a simple integration with Documemtum for some of our Communities).
Clearly, our users, who were creating thousands of communities each month, and doing real work, despite all the Web 2.0 and the sophisticated social software we gave them, and the email and file servers they had, also needed full function content management integrated into their communities.

It would be interesting to study the interaction between the social/people/process system and content management. My hunch is that the addition of social processes has benefited content management to increase both efficiency and it's value. I will talk to Prof. Allatta at Purdue who is studying our data to see if she can find anything concrete.



*SupportCentral: GE's own Social Networking E2.0 system - probably the biggest such system in use today. There is no url I can give as we have not published anything about it.


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