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July 08, 2008


Ajay Krishnaswamy

You are absolutely right Chuck. Hence the arrangement with TCS.TCS is providing the services mentioned by you and has made the investments needed to make it a viable product .As our customer base grows, we continue to make the required investments in our consulting, implementation and support teams to help them leverage SupportCentral and to make them comfortable in using it.

Best Regards.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Ajay

With all due respect, while TCS certainly acts as a fulfillment partner for SupportCentral, you've got to admit, there's a few pieces missing.

For example, marketing. Or a dedicated sales force. Or a focused consultancy. Or ... well, you get the picture.

I'm not dissing TCS, they're a great outfit. But I sincerely doubt that they're investing heavily in bringing this superb offering to a broader market.

Heimo Hänninen

Thanks for the very interesting reading. I can imagine it is huge challenge to keep information findable, relevant and easy to navigate! Only way I can think of, is that beside easy to use collaboration tools you also create and maintain knowledge layer which provides unified metadata layer between information space and collaboration space?

Sure, it's a front heavy investment starting to build "corporate business ontology" where each piece of (meaningful) information is associated to more or less standardized knowledge layer , but it will pay off.

The trick is how to enable information and ontology to evolve, allowing users to create their own ad hoc "sub ontologies" yet keeping subjects of those domains interconnected and semantically synched with corporate level ontology (at reasonable level).

This new approach may be called Subject Centric Computing as named by Topic Maps community: http://www.topicmaps.com/tmc/conference.jsp?conf=TM2008 Your thoughts?

Chuck Hollis

Hello Heimo, good to hear from the people at Tietoenator!

If your company is looking at this market (and you should be), one of the more interesting options might be to offer GE's SupportCentral as a service. TCS does this today, but doesn't do much with it, and -- given your knowledge of key verticals, networking, security, etc. -- I think you'd be uniquely qualified to offer a social collaborative environment to your customers.

Let me know if you'd like to find out more.

I'll take a look at the link now ...

Chuck Hollis

Everyone has different goals. The goal of our initiative here is less on classification and organization of knowledge (e.g. topic maps), and more about getting people exploring, communicating and collaborating.

We're way focused on the people aspect of all of this -- and having a better way to find and use information seems to be a happy byproduct.

Mahuya Puri

Its indeed a great experience to be associated with SupportCentral Business Solutions team - and get to share our ideas and visions with the man himself - Mr Sukh Grewal. Its been quite a journey for our Business Analyst team at MGL (formerly SDG Corp) who works for various GE businesses and till date have churned out customised solutions for their distributed processes across HR, Finance, Office Automation, Marketing spanning several GE Businesses like Corporate, Money, Healthcare, Commercial Finance, Industrial, Infrastructure and NBC - and we do agree its indeed a Humbling experience each time.
Though we work as consultants - but it did take us very little time to embrace SupportCentral our own and imbibe best practices around it.

A real IT manager

What about integration with current systems? what about webservices? All that they gave to me was .jar file tied to some weird implementation of remoting that is supposed SSL secured but I can't be sure, and other work has to be done posting XML through bare HTTP, what about open standards? does TCS knows about it? if they do what didn't implemented it here? Does it supports cloud computing and high scalability? of course not. Surely IBM, HP, Microsoft or SAP are shaking right now about this tool taking away their market share.

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