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May 29, 2008


Jeremiah Owyang

Good lord this is really impressive, thanks Chuck.

Sam Lawrence


Love these answers and we'll move all of this over to Clearstep so we can turn it all into discussions in a couple of weeks.

Enterprise Octopus sticker, en route.

Paula Thornton

The fact that anyone at EMC is paying attention is not to be scoffed at (and the fact that you're in Marketing clearly reinforces the industry shift that Forrester embraced way before any other analysts). Clearly, do not let me pour any water on your fire. Keep it burning.

The responses here (unless I'm putting an unfortunate spin on them, which would not be a first) have still too many evidences of "new wine, old bottles".

"You put energy and focus into it." It needs energy, but you don't 'put' energy into it, you tap/harness energy. 2.0 is soundly based in 'new science' principles. That means 'energy for free' is a critical governing axiom. Look at all the successes and see how well they've tapped this. Riding the crest of the wave, continuous adjustment to powerful, changing conditions.

Yes, you're just in Marketing, but if there are not louder, stronger voices on the product side, EMC is behind the adaption (not adoption) curve for their roadmap. That should concern stockholders (unless they're hoping for a takeover).

Chuck Hollis

Well, allow me to respectfully disagree.

There is no free energy, per se. Yes, there is latent energy available, but some sort of investment has to be made to harness it, guide it, shape it.

As an example, tidal power is "free", but you have to put in a device to harness it, you have to manage it, maintain it, etc.

And, by the way, we've found that the extremist view, e.g. "ayeee! we're all gonna die!" doesn't engender the social response we're looking for.

As a matter of fact, I happen to believe that extremist views don't do anything to help the cause.

Whatever works for your business model, fine ...

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