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April 14, 2008



That's a great idea!

I does make a lot of sense ...

However, the big drawback of taxonomies, in my opinion, is that they allways end up a few tags short ... and having to go through the admin to get a new tag is allways a hassle and a hurdle ...

But, you could keep a folksonomy system, with a recommendation to use verbs only ....

I'll keep that in mind while working on the setting up of our company wiki ...

Thanks for the tip!


Chuck, it sounds like you're going through some growing pains (small community --> big city) and now you're ready to add the district/county level (Selling District, etc). Your communities probably won't care one way or another as long as you don't mess with their "identity". It will be the new lurkers that will have an opinion since they are the ones trying to navigate the long list of communities.

When you look at an electronics retail site like Best Buy, for example, they have basically organized their products by verbs as well (TVs/Video=Looking, Audio=Listening, Cameras=Filming, Phones=Talking, Games=Playing, etc.) so it's a familiar schema your users will probably accept as a part of the growing process.

The Best Buy site, however, still feels 1.0-ish and your community list situation seems to be begging for a more visual, 2.0-ish solution. Maybe a tag-cloud or map-like approach where larger communities stand out, communities with common members are grouped close to each other, fast-moving communities are color-coded, and you can mouse over any community to get a pop-up box description.

If this plug-in existed, you might be able to skip the taxonomy issue completely.


you probably should consider a taxonomy driven folksonomy. provide some focus, some guidance, some template...but give people the ability to tag it themselves and change it over time.

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