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March 25, 2008


John Prichard

You said innovative and patents in the same sentence. This struck a thought since I think of inventive rather than innovative for patents.

Innovation happens many times when one sees similarities in one science, field of endeavor, another department that can be used in their own. When you see a process that can be easily adapted into another space you can be described an innovative. I always made sure to read in acoustics and electro-optics to see if they had anything that "readily" applied to my old field of Radar. When it happened it was considered quite innovative but we didn't invent anything.

So the effort of cross fertilization can be a rich generator of innovation. What better way to cross fertilize than to have the big conversation.

So here is your argument backwards: The big conversation helps make High IQ
as well as
High IQ helps the big conversation.

John Prichard
Texas Instruments

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