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March 14, 2008


Jed Cawthorne


As my current organisation is a Documentum user looking to redevelop its Intranet, I dont suppose you have a timeframe on that Clearspace - Content Server integration do you ?

Chuck Hollis

I'm reluctant to provide actual dates -- the Jive people need to do that -- but I'm planning to be busy this fall, if all goes well.


I have written some thoughts on this, mainly suggesting that there should be a separation between the two efforts (internal and external) but that you need to create continuity between them in order to get the sort of "network effects" results that really take things to a new level.


Greg Unrein

Jed, I'm a product manager at Jive... we don't have specific dates yet, but I would love to find out more about your needs for the Clearspace - Content Server integration. You can reach me directly via email or xmpp at "greg at jivesoftware.com".

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