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March 25, 2008


John Prichard

First of all inside a big company like yours (or mine), gets too focused around big customer classes/groups, products, designs or services. By opening up these narrow focuses to big conversations you get the full benefits of many lessons learned and specifically developed proficiencies spread across a wide audience. You get the benefits of the people in the big machinery feeling closer to each other by conversation. You also get the power of consistent group think. So you were right on to make one of your founding guide points "no private spaces" and to review the groups for how big the participation was going to be.

On the outside the need is opposite. A big company has a large and uninviting mass audience presence. So the smaller social group focused on specific customers needs makes sense because of the personal service aspects. So big groups is probably what you already have and small more interactive groups are probably more inviting.

I personally enjoy working with people that know a little about me especially if I were receiving a service from them. I have even gone so far as to wait another day for a service that could be rendered by any until the service provider returned from vacation.

John Prichard
[email protected]
Texas Instruments

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