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January 17, 2008


Jed Cawthorne

Hi Chuck

Many thanks for taking us all on this journey with you, your becoming a very valuable source of insight. I have a question, not particularily SM focused, but linked: Where does IM sit in your universe ? Do you see it as more document centric collaboration (another form of email) or do you see it as 'coversational' ?


Chuck Hollis

In our model, we have a place for IM, Twitter, IP concalls, webcasts, etc. -- that we collectively call "presence".

In terms of collaboration, we think in terms of synchronous (e.g. everyone has to be collaborating at the same time) vs. asynchronous (e.g. we all can drop in when we have a moment or two).

As we already have lots of ways at EMC for synchronous collaboration (phone calls, WebEx, physical meetings), we decided that the most valuable area to focus was asynchronous models.

Truth be told, I don't know whether we were smart or lucky, but -- in our case -- we ended up doing the right thing.


Jed Cawthorne

Hi and thanks for the reply - synchronous versus asynchronous is a model we have used with our large (150,000) student population for some years, plus being a university with major research projects we are sometimes 'over endowed' with collaborative technologies. Thanks again.

John Tropea

What a tremendous blog Chuck, we are launching communities at our work but the software is no where user friendly as Clearspace, what great usability. Nathan from uses Confluence at Jansenn-Cilag and noted that it should be easy enough for your mum to use. I agree as you already have change issues to deal with, usability is something you can get right.

Tell me, in Clearspace would I have to have a blog in each community. Or do I only have one blog with the option of sending posts to a community/s.

If so, would the profile page list communities you're in, and besides showing all your content, have an option to limit your content from one community.

eg. Chucks blog posts from all communities
Chucks blog posts from on community

Chuck Hollis

Hi John

Here's what I can do.

I, of course, can have my own blog.

By pre-arrangement, I can blog on several other "space" or "community" blogs.

And any community owner or manager is free to syndicate any content from literally anywhere.

What I'm missing (and it's a minor nit, to be sure) is the ability to write a single blog post, and have it appear in multiple blog spaces at the same time.

Not a big deal, though.

Hope that helps.

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