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August 20, 2007


Jason Mundy


This is extremely helpful. We have a need in the TS Field (and Anne Rath can speak more to that) to better share ideas, content/ docs, experiences and critical information - the latest competitive buzz - what's killing us or making us succeed, etc. Because the field is so disperse and many people never have a chance to meet and come together physically there is a huge need to facilitate these things in some other form. I see this need also in the CS field community and in education services. Much of what is needed can be and should be solved by existing tools such as eRoom, email, Powerlink as you indicate. I do believe there is significant value that could be realized if we can get our highly skilled and experienced remote folks to collaborate and exchange ideas more easily and regularly. There are so many silos and vacuums in the field and we have seen redundant solutions to the same problems time and time again. I think SM could really help our services field but it will take some work and commitment.

Thanks, Jason

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